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A Parisian fashion queen,
Claire Geronimi, her name is seen.
Her designs, chic and sophisticated,
In the fashion world, she's celebrated.
From a young age, her passion grew,
For fashion, art, and design too.
With Parisian culture as her muse,
Her designs are elegant, never to lose.
Her commitment to ethical fashion,
Is admirable, making a positive reaction.
Using only the finest materials,
And working with local artisans, she's exceptional.
Claire Geronimi, a name to remember,
Her designs, timeless, and elegant forever.
A reflection of Parisian culture and style,
Her brand, a responsible choice, worth your while.
Follow her on social media,
Or visit her website, to see her.
Claire Geronimi, the new face of Parisian fashion,
Her designs, a must-have, make a bold fashion statement.